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YOUNG Capt Jack Sparrow! Savvy?
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Cosplay Updates 9/2/14

Edward Elric (FullMetal Alchemist) Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi
:jester: RETIRED Might cosplay again in emergency or something.

Young Jack Sparrow (POTC Jack Sparrow books) Progress Bar 06 by Pikishi
:jester: Almost done updating.
:jester: Pants got tailored.

Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi
:jester: First version debuted at Kin Yoobi Con August 11, 2012.
:jester: Updated version 4.0 Equestria Girls inspired.

Fluttershy (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls) Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi
:jester: First debute at SacAnime Summer 2013
:jester: First cosplay to actually be made myself :)

Derpy Hooves (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls) Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi
:jester: First debute at BABSCon 2014

Arabella Smith (POTC Jack Sparrow books) Progress Bar 04 by Pikishi
:jester: Skirt ✔️
:jester: Wig ✔️
:jester: Bandana ✔️
:jester: Bodice
:jester: Shirt
:jester: Belt ✔️
:jester: Shoes
:jester: Apron

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Full name: Jamie Lynn Beecher
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Location: San Jose, California
Hobbies: Internet, drawing, writing, cosplaying, watching TV, shopping (for pony stuff)
Favourite style of art: Anime and Ponies

About Me:
1) I love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the POTC Jack Sparrow book series.
2) I like to cosplay and attend conventions; SacAnime, Animation on Display, and FanimeCon.
3) I usually spend the most of the day on deviantArt. :dalove:
4) I LOVE My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and I like to collect ponies.
5) Rainbow Dash is my favorite pony out of the mane 6.

Barnacle Crew in high school??

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 22, 2015, 12:27 AM

I read a fanfic a long time ago about the crew in 21st century as high school students so I decided to make my own headcanons. I tried to keep their modern personas true to their original selves. Jean and Tumen were the hardest to think of and I had to keep rewriting Jack's. All of them were either based on generic groups or specific people I knew throughout high school. I might do image concepts soon.

Jack Sparrow:
Jack is one of the don't-give-a-shits. That guy in the class with a parole bracelet who always starts shit with the teacher. Never does his work, ditches class, gets into fights, and almost drops out after finding out he might not graduate with Arabella. Then again...he might not exactly fit in with the fuck-its. He doesn't really fit in with anybody. His intentions are different from the troublemakers. Fitzy is the only person Jack actually starts fights with. All the other fights are started by other students. The teachers don't exactly like him and his home life is frustrating, so he simply just gave up school and started rebelling. A while after Jack became friends with Arabella, he got into trouble less and he started improving academically. It almost seems that Arabella is a good influence on him.
Anyway, he has dated every girl in the school and all the popular girls fall for him. He's pretty much the same Jack Sparrow we all know and love.

Arabella Smith:
Arabella is the white-girl-starter-pack. She was not very social during her first two years of high school. She would rather be in the library than a party. Arabella loosened up a bit after hanging out with Jack starting junior year. She never had a boyfriend until she met Billy during her senior year at a college orientation. All her classes are AP and honors and she is valedictorian of the senior class. Her home life is very difficult. Her mother was kidnapped some years ago and her father is an alcoholic who started drinking more after the kidnapping. Arabella stays after school for long hours because her dad abuses her at home.

Fitzwilliam P. Dalton III:
Fitzwilliam is a lot like the rich-basic-white-boy and the "don't-arrest-me-my-dad-is-a-lawyer" except everything he says is a big lie. It's true his dad owns a big name tech company and lives in the country club, but everything else is a lie. Fitz brags about personally knowing big celebrities like Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift, photoshops celebs into his selfies, claims to travel around the world, work on big movies, taking a helicopter to school, and much much more. He's tries to please all the girls with his riches and acts like a really big douchebag to their boyfriends. Fitzy's usually the target of Jack's fights. He became friends with Arabella who's friends with Jack so the two boys kind of have a love-hate relationship in their friendship triangle.

Jean Magliore:
Jean is a foodie. Of course he is! He learns about food, talks about food, makes food, eats food, he's got food coming outs of his ears! It's pretty obvious he's a bit overweight, but not so obvious high cholesterol. He also sells food to classmates when the teacher is out of the room. He's got candy, chips, and soda in his backpack and he earns over $50 a day. He is best friends with Tumen and he's overprotective of his sister Constance. They were best friends since middle school and were welcomed into high school by Jack, Arabella, and Fitzwilliam.

Tumen usually keeps to himself. He sits in the back of the class with earbuds on drawing anime. School events are very hectic because he brings his huge family along. Even that one cousin everybody has in their family that is like, "You got any games on your phone?" Jean and Constance are his only close friends before Jack, Bell, and Fitz.

Constance Magliore:
Constance is a human here since magic doesn't exist in this world. She goes to the nearby middle school and visits Jean when her school gets out. She's nice when her brother and his best friend are in the room but when they leave, she's a major bitch. She's really bitchy to everyone except Jean and Tumen. They don't know how bitchy she is because she hides it so well. Jack and Arabella try to tell her brother how nasty she is but he's too oblivious. Jean always defends  his sister as if everyone is attacking her. Constance seems to connect with cats very well and she loves seafood. Her interests are a mystery to everyone, even Jean.

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